What is the "Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Store"?

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What is the "Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Store"?

Postby nicktharcher on Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:19 pm

"Michael Miller sees everyone as either a Dupe or an Enemy."
--- Greg Lalone, a former associate of Michael Miller who forgot to ask himself, "Which am I?"

In addition to the New Falcon website, Michael Miller was running another site he called the "Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Store". [As of early 2012 the "store" was no longer operating. However, occasionally some alleged "Hyatt" items show up on one of Michael Miller's eBay stores, "newfalconpubs".] So what is/was Michael selling there?

1) Michael was soliciting donations for "the creation of a memorial library in honor of Alan Miller."

To date (November 2012), he has not created a "memorial library" and we have wondered just what he intended to put in it anyway since he has no right to any of Alan's books or other personal items. (Before Alan's funeral, however, Alan's wife, Linda allowed Michael to take a few books and other items...such as Alan's university degrees...to display at the funeral. To date, he has failed to return any of them...even after his written promise to do so. [Update April 29, 2010: over 2 years late, Michael Miller returned Alan's university degrees and a letter to him from Israel Regardie. He has refused to return anything else.])

By the way, the day after Alan died Michael had a truck and helpers in front of Linda and Alan's home, and began loading up Alan's books and other possessions. Fortunately, even in the midst of her grief, Linda had the presence of mind to stop him...but only after he had already removed many items from the house.

2) Michael was selling items that he claims are Hyatt "artifacts". (He said, "We have unearthed a treasure trove of magickal artifacts that belonged to the Doctor. In order to assist in building the Library, some of these things are being offered for sale.") We wonder where he "unearthed" this "treasure trove"... We also wonder, of course, why he'd sell things you'd think would belong in such a library.

He says, "EACH COMES WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY" to which we can only say this: we do not recognize most of the "artifacts" that Michael Miller claims to have belonged to Alan.

For example, he listed a "Rare Chinese Bowl: ONE OF A KIND HYATT ITEM...This bowl was used by Dr. Hyatt to hold ice for cocktails. Very Rare opportunity to own a piece of history, age unknown. Excellent condition." We can only speculate where Michael Miller might have gotten it...we certainly don't recognize it!!

Michael also said, "These items are to be bought...at your own risk." So, if you purchased any of these items and are of a mind to return them, we wish you the best of luck. We know of one person ("J") who purchased a "small powder box" that Michael was selling, and was dissatisfied with what she received. "J" then returned the box, and requested a refund. A flurry of emails between her and "Jack Rothenberg, VP of Operations" ensued, in which "Mr. Rothenberg" attempted to disclaim the return policy (which stated at that time: "If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, you can return your items for a prompt refund or exchange") and, at first, refused to issue a refund. Finally, "Mr. Rothenberg" wrote, "We'll issue you a refund via check, which we will mail out in the next 10 business days." That was on June 7, 2008. To date "J" has received nothing, her emails have gone unanswered and Michael Miller has the box...and her money.

This experience is not unique. We have received numerous emails from both private individuals and retailers who have had problems dealing with New Falcon: overcharges, short shipments, incomplete shipments, failure to respond to emails, unbelievable rudeness...the list goes on. (Please feel free to let us know about your own experiences. You can send an email to nick@originalfalcon.com)

3) The "store" also included a "Hyatt Library" section, which Michael Miller described as "Books from the personal library of Christopher S. Hyatt Ph. D." (Again we ask why he'd be funding the library by selling the very things that supposedly constitute the library...)

Several of these books claim: "Includes the Personal Library stamp of Dr. Hyatt." Just what is this "stamp"? Alan did, indeed, have a "Christopher Hyatt" stamp...but he certainly did not use it for his "Personal Library". After all, when it came to his own library, he was "Alan Miller", not "Christopher Hyatt"! (He used the stamp for a variety of purposes...but not for his personal library!) The stamp was kept on a bookshelf behind Alan's desk...the same bookshelf Michael and his helpers were loading into the truck the day after Alan died.

So where do these books come from? At least one of the books Michael Miller sold, Magick in Theory and Practice, did belong to Alan and almost certainly was among the items he removed from Linda's home the day after Alan died. As to the others, we can only speculate. For example, in 2008 Michael uncovered another kind of "treasure trove" during a trip to Australia where his mother lives. He visited New Falcon's Australian distributor from which he took several cases of books...including several copies of the Falcon edition of Aleister Crowley's AHA! Shortly thereafter he began offering 10(!!) copies of this title which "Includes the Personal Library stamp of Dr. Hyatt." He also listed 12(!!) copies of Wilhelm Reich in Hell with "the Hyatt Library Stamp". (In the interest of decorum, I will simply call his behavior "brazen." What would you call it?)

In early 2009, he listed a copy of Remembering Aleister Crowley by Kenneth Grant which he claimed was Alan's. Perhaps it's only coincidence, but in January 2009 Michael bought a copy of this title on ebay...

And then he listed a copy of the Japanese language edition of The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic and claimed it was Alan's personal copy...to which we say, "It's news to us..."

So, when he states, "EACH BOOK COMES WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY", we suggest that you consider the source. Caveat Emptor!!!


4) Michael Miller was also selling books which he claimed are from "The Regardie Library". (He claims: "Many long stored volumes from Israel Regardie's personal library are now for sale...") While at least one of those he's already sold does appear to have belonged to Regardie (one of the pictures he displayed showed notes that seemed to be in Regardie's hand), how Michael came to have it in his possession is an open question. As to the others, we cannot say if they were, in fact, owned by Regardie or how they would have legitimately come to be in Michael's possession.

In any event, we consider the presence of a "Regardie book plate" in any of these books to be unconvincing evidence of their authenticity. Alan had some of these book plates, dating back to Regardie's death in 1985. They were kept in a closet in the guest bedroom where Michael was staying when he visited. Since Michael left, we have been unable to find them.



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email Nick Tharcher at nick@originalfalcon.com
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