Chapter 1: A Response by Nick Tharcher

A response to Michael Miller's fictional account of his relationship with Alan Miller

Chapter 1: A Response by Nick Tharcher

Postby nicktharcher on Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:33 am

That a lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies;
That a lie which is all a lie may be met and fought with outright;
But a lie which is part truth is a harder matter to fight.
--Alfred Lord Tennyson

In the year and a half since Alan's death [this was first written in mid-2009], we have said little publicly about Michael Miller and what happened to New Falcon Publications. For the most part we have tried to keep this a private matter. But recently Michael chose to come out publicly with "A Statement by Michael Miller on New Falcon Publications" (which was removed from the New Falcon website in 2010 but a copy can still be found at ... topics/451), and, after due consideration, we feel obliged to respond.

Alan and I were friends and colleagues for over 35 years. We worked together on innumerable projects and built Falcon into a robust and powerful force. We often sailed together, including an incredible trip across the Pacific. We ate together, took classes together, shot targets together and traveled together. No one knew him better or saw him more often than I did...except Linda, his wife of 30 years. And yet Michael Miller would have you believe that just days before Alan died, despite numerous strokes and massive amounts of morphine, Alan knowingly put Michael in charge of his life's work...and kept it secret from Linda and me.

So...Who IS Michael Miller?

His name is Michael Robert (Graber) Miller. He is (probably) the biological son of Alan Miller, but is not his legal son. He was born to Alan's first wife on August 1, 1964 when Alan was 21 years old. He and his wife divorced soon after, and later her second husband adopted Michael. When Michael was about 20 years old, he tracked Alan down and tried to establish a relationship with him. He changed his name back to Miller in 1985 and had VERY sporadic contact with Alan...until he was diagnosed with cancer.

When Linda and I learned of Alan's illness our reaction, of course, was, "What can we do to save his life?" Michael's reaction seems to have been, "Opportunity knocks!"

Even after Alan was bedridden and in great pain, Michael's phone calls were "all about Michael." He cried over his new puppy's health problems (really!!) and was concerned that an acquaintance of his might commit suicide and would Alan please call him!!! (This was in December 2007, just weeks before Alan died!) According to Alan, NEVER ONCE did Michael ask how he was doing or express any concern for him. He said, "Michael's checking in to see if I'm still alive."

So who is Michael Miller? For the last 20 years or so he has worked as a coach in high-school and junior college basketball. By his own statements, he has no experience, background, training or interest in publishing, spirituality, metaphysics, psychology or philosophy. According to him, he has never read any of the books published by New Falcon Publications, including those written by Alan (who wrote as Christopher Hyatt, Ph.D.) and does not understand Alan's ideas.

One of the things that does seem to interest Michael is his public image, and it seems he will do almost anything to create and maintain it. His recent "Statement" appears to have been crafted to that end.

From one end to the other it is a litany of factual errors, half-truths, innuendos, distractions, irrelevancies, fabrications, confabulations and outright lies.

For example, by presenting all kinds of "facts" about Alan, he tries to give the impression that he and Alan were close. But much of what he says about Alan is dead wrong and most of what he got right he had to learn second-hand...because Alan had so little to do with him.

(Michael, the least you can do is get Alan's academic degrees right. After all, you had them your possession for over 2 years...after you borrowed them "for display at the funeral".)

Michael also tries to give the impression that he had a long-standing involvement with New Falcon Publications. He said: "We [Alan and I] worked together on a number of books over the years." To support this he says: "I invested in Jim Wasserman’s book Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary..." [Yes, around 1993 he invested in it. And the point is...?]; ["I] contributed an essay to Undoing Yourself Too..." [That's sorta the degree he actually wrote the piece; but in any event that was around 1988, and nothing of his has appeared in a Falcon publication since.]; ["I] produced special hardcover editions of a number of Falcon books..." [That's also partly true; around 1990 Michael arranged for the binding of some books. So?]

Those three examples from almost 20 years earlier may seem pretty lame...but then Michael asserts: "and [ I] regularly performed other editorial and production tasks over the years." And as examples Michael presents...nothing. Why? Because there weren't any. None. Never. NOTHING. And I would know since I was in charge of day-to-day operations during that entire time.

(But since you've made the assertion, about identifying those "tasks" you "regularly performed"? Certainly they would come across as much more impressive than those feeble examples from 20 years ago. So...which projects did you work on? What editorial work did you do? What production were you involved with? What books did you and Alan "work together" on? Tell us more, Michael. Because I'm saying it flat out: WHAT YOU CLAIM IS AN ABSOLUTE, 100% BALD-FACED LIE!)

Michael further tries to buttress his case by saying: "[Alan] also encouraged my relationship with his longtime friend and attorney, Paul Basile, Esq., who had done the legal work to establish the foundation [sic]." As with so much that Michael says, this is half true. Alan did introduce Michael to 1985...when Michael wanted to change his name from Graber to Miller. If that's "encouraging" anything, so be it. (Something else Michael apparently didn't know: Alan would never refer to Basile as a "friend.")

The next sentence in Michael's "Statement" reads: "[Alan] made sure that Paul understood his intentions for the succession of the foundation [sic]." Note that Michael doesn't say what Alan told Paul...or when. This is a common Michael Miller tactic: juxtaposing unrelated sentences to create a false impression. (I once told Michael, "You seem to think that a fraud perpetrated by a half-truth is somehow different than a fraud perpetrated by a lie." By the way, that was at the meeting in which, as he says in his Statement, he "offered to allow [me] to remain on as manager." That's true, he did make the offer...insincere as it proved to be. I must say, though, that at the time it simply felt as if I was being offered the job of the person who had just stolen my car...)

Michael goes on to say, "Before his death, my father legally passed the USESS and New Falcon Publications into my care." That is THE BIG LIE. For hard proof see our post from June 2008: "How Michael Miller Came to Be "In Charge". That information has been on the net since June 2008 and Michael has yet to respond to it...except in a letter from one of his lawyers where he called it "defamatory" and demanded that it be removed.

(Michael, we have no desire to defame you. Identify anything we've said that's untrue, back it up and we'll remove it. Prove that anything we said in ANY post is untrue and not only will we remove it, we'll apologize publicly.)

But getting back to Michael's "Statement"... What a perfect opportunity that could have been for Michael to tell the story of how he came to be in charge of New Falcon Publications. But he says...nothing.

(Michael, you could have described a tear-filled time when Alan told you he really loved you dearly and felt terrible that he hadn't been part of your early life, and how he felt guilty for the bad things that happened to you growing up. You could have said that he asked for your forgiveness, and to make up for it he wanted you to take over USESS and New Falcon Publications. Is that how it happened? Tell the world the whole story. Give us the details. Where and when? What did Alan say? And while you're at it, tell us why Alan never said a word about it to his wife, Linda, or me...or anyone else. Why the big secret? And if Alan intended for you to be in charge, why were you totally unprepared to run the press?)

The fact is that Alan would never turn over his life's work to someone who didn't understand his ideas and and cared about them even less. And he certainly wouldn't keep it secret from those he cared for and whose involvement was essential to the continuation of his work. But there's more: there were times that Alan and I discussed who we'd want to run Falcon after both of our deaths, but Michael Miller was never considered. The very idea was laughable to us.

But Michael goes on: "...among the Jewish people such an act between father and son is the most natural thing in the world..." This is another irrelevancy intended to create another false impression...that of a relationship that never existed. Alan said it frequently and loudly: he did not consider Michael to be either his son or a Jew.

There are many more lies in Michael's statement, notably his statements about Linda Miller and the accusation that I stole "his" [sic] business records. (This is not the first time Michael has called me a thief, but it appears to be the first time he has done so this publicly.)

We will publish the correspondence which shows that accusation for what it is: a deliberate lie. It will include my March 31, 2008 email in which I VOLUNTARILY, UNILATERALLY and UNCONDITIONALLY offered all of Falcon's business records...despite the fact that I held (and continue to hold) that Michael Miller has no legitimate position with USESS or New Falcon. It will also include Michael's which he sets conditions for my UNCONDITIONAL offer!!

(What's the matter, Michael? Can't you take "yes" for an answer?)

Finally, we wish to take special note of another sentence in Michael's statement: "I have spent much of the past year since my father’s death rebuilding the company and undoing the damage Lee has been creating by working to turn public opinion against me."

(Michael, you're too modest. We both know that you've managed to cause the damage all on your own. You certainly haven't needed any help from me.)

We will have much, much more to say on this point, but for now we present just 2 notable examples. First is an email dated June 19, 2008 to one of Alan's co-authors:

-------- Original Message --------
Thu, 19 Jun 2008 03:07:27
To: [address omitted]


I am contacing you for the new publish at new falcon. Would you please supply your contct information, so that you may be contacted.




(Just what "opinion" would you expect this author to have about you, Michael, after reading that unbelievably bizarre and illiterate message? Of course, it also raises a number of other questions. For example, if Alan groomed you to take over the business, how come you didn't know who Falcon's authors were or how to "contct" them? And why is it...after almost a year and a half...that this author still has not received a dime in royalties from you? And who is "Bill"? Could he have been one of your LACC basketball players? We have documentation that proves that you were using them…on LACC's time…to do New Falcon tasks. As to his illiteracy, apparently that was not uncommon among those who played basketball for you…)

And then there's an email to a Falcon customer who wrote:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 12:22 AM
From: [address omitted]
Subject: falcon press...?

Greetings- To whom it may reach: please write back and update me as to the status of Radical Undoing 4: The core, as I was told by the person on the other end of this email address that I should be expecting my copy anyday now. Who is this? Why has the website been down? What is going on? [name omitted]

and the response:

Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 12:25:29 +0000
Subject: Re: falcon press...?

who is this? if you can give me a good reason to treat you any differently than an ordinary customer [emphasis added], then maybe i will consider providing you with the answers that you DEMAND from me


(So Michael, what "opinion" would you expect this "ordinary customer" to have about you after this insulting message?)

We have much more correspondence which demonstrates Michael's utter contempt for Falcon's customers, authors, vendors and distributors...not to mention his complete ignorance of the business.

More to come…

Lee Rosenstein aka Nick Tharcher

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to Nick Tharcher at
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