Comparative experiences: the 2 Falcons

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Comparative experiences: the 2 Falcons

Postby Krerbellor on Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:40 pm

0.) What was under Dr. Hyatt's direction has now fractured into two pieces.

1.) Mike Miller claims New Falcon to be "The COMPANY you've trusted for over 25 years"

2.) Nick Tharcher says Original Falcon is "The PEOPLE you've trusted for over 25 years"

I have only purchased items from either Dr. Hyatt, or Nick Tharcher, but never from Mike Miller.

Has anyone here purchased from both? And can you offer a comparison of quality?
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Re: Comparative experiences: the 2 Falcons

Postby Caligari on Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:24 am

I´d like to tell a story of my own about the New New Falcon:

My girlfriend had gone ahead and ordered The Black Book series from Michael Millers New Falcon as a birthday present for me. She had no knowledge of the Great Swindle at the time. We waited for several months for the series to arrive in our mailbox - needless to say my birthday came and went into oblivion - and still no sign of the series. My girlfriend wrote to MMs New Falcon twice complaining about this - and each time she only got lame excuses and an "we´re sorry for the delay - the Black Book series will come soon" style relpy. In the end (after 4 months or so) she decided to cancel the order at MMs New Falcon (by this time I had of course informed her quite well about the scam ...) - she got her money back - and ordered The Black Book series from The Original Falcon instead. After short time in waiting the Black Book series arrived in our mailbox with compliments and warmth from Nick Tharcher. I am now enjoying the series and the impact is great !!

It feels good to se Michael Miller & Co fuck it up - and it feels even better to see The Original Falcon press raising above the crap. Go Original Falcon Go !! You have my wholehearted support - I find what Michael Miller has done discusting - it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth......... I am very glad I won´t have to buy my Falcon books from him !!

...need I say that I have been buying books for several years from New Falcon before Michael Miller did his most rotten trick ? I was always very pleased with Nick Tharchers way of running things - I never had a complaint - so for me the choice is very easy - fuck Michael Miller - GO ORIGINAL FALCON GO !!!

....and yes... you can quote me on this wherever and whenever you want :)

Re: Comparative experiences: the 2 Falcons

Postby JonJuan on Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:33 am

Having read the posts here, my confusion has evolved to understanding. My sympathies and compassion to all of you (Mike Miller included, man, now I know why I was sensing negative energy so heavy in my customer experience with the amorphous, anonymous responses I got to my order inquiries when my credit card was billed, I didn't get my order, and was finally told it was on "back-order". What business of integrity takes your money before the product is shipped?)

I discovered Falcon shortly before Dr. Hyatt went to his Great Feast apparently. Even during his remaining time on this plane of existence he took the time to personally inscribe the soft-covered works of his I ordered with a dedication. That really made me feel connected to him as a person, not just an author and teacher.

Then not long ago an email popped up in my account for 'New Falcon', ignorant of the circumstances I placed an order because this 'New Falcon' was offering some really unbelievable discounts. Then the hassle with the back order and anonymous, unfriendly, customer service issue started.

Well, as stated I feel compassion for you all in this messy situation, but Mr. Mike Miller, I must state I will no longer make purchases with New Falcon regardless of discounts or deals. The energy of my previous experience felt unclean and I think your karma in this is tainted.
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Re: Comparative experiences: the 2 Falcons

Postby Nemoide on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:14 pm

I ordered the "limited edition" Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic from Michael Miller's New Falcon. Technically I preordered it. Several months went by and I checked the webpage to find that it was supposedly already shipping. I sent an email asking what the deal is -- at this point I had learned that New Falcon is not the same New Falcon I had been buying books from for years. So I said I would like to cancel the order, assuming it had not been sent yet. The response was basically "we'll be sending it any day now, you cannot cancel since you preordered". That last bit sounds like LAME-O BULLSHIT to me. I had to email them multiple times in order to get a response, I normally felt ignored.
Anyway, about three weeks after I heard from the email, I actually got the book.
LAME DISCOVERY THE FIRST: I had paid about $25 for shipping on this giant tome. There's nothing wrong with that except that they sent it media mail. The label said postage was $5-6.
LAME DISCOVERY THE SECOND: The cover, while indeed hardcover, feels kind of cheap. I wasn't expecting buckram but it doesn't feel sturdy at all. Some sort of cloth binding would have been prefered.
LAME DISCOVERY THE THIRD: The binding quality itself is not up to snuff. I have only read a little bit of this massive tome and yet it already feels like it's in danger of falling apart.
LAME DISCOVERY THE FOURTH: Well this book was obscenely expensive considering how poorly it was made. But considering its size and the fact that the run was so small, that should be expected, right? I mean, this is a NUMBERED COPY (210/300) and I haven't been able to find a physical copy for a number of years, this could be my only chance! OH, WAIT, NO, New Falcon is still selling this, they just stopped numbering them.
Also it strikes me as odd for the "Dr. Hyatt Memorial Edition" to be of a book which is one of the major works of a different author (Regardie).

On the other hand I have yet to have any hint of an unpleasant experience from Original Falcon Press. I've only placed two orders but they have arrived promptly and with a neato bag of "prosperity powder". While I doubt the mystic power of the prosperity powder, it is a fun little extra, if nothing else. I've emailed Original Falcon with questions and got a response within a reasonable amount of time (less than two weeks AND with an apology for being slow to respond).

It's possible that I was just looking for reasons to complain about New Falcon but I dislike them. I'm an Original Falcon from now on!
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Re: Comparative experiences: the 2 Falcons

Postby ellen on Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:27 pm

I ordered two titles from New Falcon, as I have been a customer for some years. I eventually received one paperback book that I had not ordered but was charged the full amount for the expensive item I had ordered. The second item was charged for but never arrived.
After several months of emailing New Falcon from Europe regarding the wrong item sent, the non arrival of the second item and the blatant theft from my credit card, I too got a rude and dismissive email.
I will never use New Falcon again. Luckily a friend informed me of this awful family dispute and directed me to the Original Falcon from whom I have received the same prompt, courteous, trustworthy service that I had been used to.

I am so sorry that you have been put into this dreadful position of wrangling over an estate and the internet bad-mouthing tactics must be painful indeed.
Take heart though, your customers may not wish to get involved in such a personal, family affair but they will be able to distinguish between a properly run business and one that is careering to its demise. :P :P
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