A response to Michael Miller's fictional account of his relationship with Alan Miller


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Initially we posted the following "Chapters" with the greatest reluctance. To be blunt, this sort of "discourse" disgusts us as much as it probably does you, and we apologize for inflicting it on you. We published this material only because, after Michael Miller posted a "Statement" on the New Falcon Publications website in 2009 (and which he has since removed), several people expressed confusion and asked us to comment.

Frankly, unless you are involved in this battle, or are one of those who felt confused about the existence of two Falcons, or unless you just like reading about this sort of thing, you may want to pass on these postings: we expect you'll find it all incredibly we do.


When I wrote those words in June, 2009, that was supposed to be the end of this Preface.

But Michael Miller's vengeful and infantile behavior just doesn't stop...

For those who think this has just been a petty "family squabble", and that everyone should "behave like adults" and "just get along" we urge you to read as much of these posts as you can stomach and then judge for yourself. If your disgust has led you to say "a plague on both your houses," we certainly understand...but we urge you to reconsider. We do not say this lightly: for us this is a battle for the very survival of a company that we love. And, at the risk of seeming overly dramatic, for us it is a battle between Good and Evil.

Our "Responses" to Michael Miller's "Statement" were posted on June 23, 2009. Just three days later, on June 26, several variations of an "anonymous" post appeared on the Internet (see, for example, ... bf33778d14) and even on this site (see the post by 'benedict-regardie'). The original text was written by Jim Wasserman and disseminated at Michael Miller's behest. (See the emails at [coming soon] which we received from one of Michael Miller's former associates. For some this may seem like deja vu all over again. After our initial post in June, 2008 ("How Michael Miller Came to be "In Charge"), "someone" initiated one of the ugliest campaigns of vitriol, lies and innuendo I have seen outside of politics. But for those who know Michael Miller, it should be no surprise that it happened all over again.)

If you've read this "anonymous" post we hope you understand why we will not dignify it with a response. It is simply unsupported vitriol...and we think demonstrates quite eloquently the character of "the author."

And Michael Miller's viciousness knows no bounds...

Then, on July 1, 2009 we learned of a new website, which purported to be my personal website. It wasn't. [Update September 2010: I have now obtained control of]

The domain name was set up on June 26, the same day the above-referenced post appeared. It was hosted out of Singapore so neither we nor the U.S. authorities could do anything about it.

During the first few days "the author" was "fine-tuning" the content. Among other things it initially included such statements as: " order to spread chaos, I enjoy infecting fat women with herpes. I empty their bank accounts afterwards. Linda Miller has been great and I want to thank her for showing the way." And, "I really shake things up by having sex with Hyatt's wife on hidden camera." In the days that followed, those words were removed, apparently to make the site appear more "legitimate."

As disgusting as the content of that website was, spewing venom was apparently not enough for "the author". He also posted my residence address....which I took as a very real, very direct, physical threat. I had lived at that address for only a few months and had given it out to just a VERY few close friends. But Michael Miller made a point of letting me know that he knows where I live... (Since then he has claimed both that he knows where I live and that he doesn't. But I have the emails to him from an "investigator" providing him with that information, thanks again to one of his former associates, one who also learned the hard way that for Michael Miller you are "either a Dupe or an Enemy.")

This is what we have been dealing with NON-STOP since Alan died on February 9, 2008…and what you see in these posts are not isolated instances. This is who and what "the author" is: VENGEFUL, HATEFUL, MALICIOUS, INFANTILE, NARCISSISTIC, COWARDLY and UNSPEAKABLY UGLY.

(Some have asked me if there is someone more well known whose character might give a better sense of who and what Michael Miller is. There is. His name is Eric Cartman, a cartoon character from the brilliant animated series "South Park". That might seem like a joke…and it would be riotously funny if Michael Miller weren't so real…but I mean it quite seriously. I sometimes wonder if Michael Miller might have been Trey Parker and Matt Stone's model for Eric Cartman…)


Thank you for taking the time to read this...and, more importantly, thank you for your support. Your many messages of encouragement and support (and your orders!) have given us the fuel to deal with this. Thank you!!


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